1. Can I tell my story even if it happened 50 years ago? Yes, you can. We carry these experiences with us through the years, so if you want to share what happened to you, just let us know when it took place. 
  2. Can I share my story if it didn't happen in DC? Right now we are focusing on stories where the incident of violence happened in the district - but we would love to see this project expanded over time and we would also love to partner with you. Let us know if you would be interested in being a partner with us!
  3. Can I name my offender, perpetrator, assailant or abuser in my story? We do not want this to be a platform for accusation and respectfully request that names not be used in these stories. 
  4. Will my identity be protected? You have the option to elect that your story be published anonymously.
  5. What if I wasn't born a woman or am gender fluid? If you identify as a woman or experienced this violence as a woman, then your story belongs in this collection. 
  6. Is this a scientific study? This is an illustrative collection of voluntary stories shared by survivors and not a scientifically rigorous study. 
  7. Do I have to write my own story down? If you have something already written down, we can work with that - but you can also share your story through a medium like a poem, image, or art. You will also have the option to request that we conduct an interview with you. 
  8. Will my picture be required? No. But if you would like a picture of you used, we will pair you with one of our project team-members to take a photo of you. 
  9. What if I change my mind about having my story published after it is posted? We will remove your story upon receiving your request, but we cannot guarantee that it will not already have been picked up and shared elsewhere and cannot accept responsibility for removing it from such tangential sharing or republication. 
  10. Can my organization partner with this project? Yes, absolutely. You can fill out this form and begin the conversation now! 
  11. I have other questions - How can I contact you? You can email us here.